Monday, June 28, 2010


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  1. I have my DEJ's and I have a topic..hope everone else is coming along too.

  2. I have a topic to talk about. The FCATs should we have them. I think that we should not put so much on it. This puts lots of stress on both the students and the teacher. In the classes that I have sat in on I saw that the teacher would talk more about the tests then anything else. How is it as a teacher you are trying to teach, but the only ting you are doing is getting the students ready for the FCATs every year

  3. Chris, I agree with you about the FCAT. It seems that teachers in the state of Florida are so concerned about trying to prepare their students for the FCAT, so that the scores for the school are not below what they are suppose to be. While the standards that are related to the FCAT are very important, we should not be teaching our students fully based on the fact that they need to take a standardized test. The amount of stress and concern that they have to deal with for this test really minimizes the ability of the students performing better on the test anyway.